Term Deposit Information

06th Aug, 2012

Whilst carrying advantages and disadvantages, term deposits are a good tool to have as part of your arsenal to help secure long term financial goals.

When opening a savings account, banks regularly present the option for a term deposit. For the bank, a secure cash flow. As opposed to a savings account, term deposits are different as investors will not be allowed to retrieve their money until the lock-in term has elapsed. Of course, the flip side is a higher than usual interest rate for the privilege.

Short to medium term accounts have a duration of anywhere between 30 days up to 5 years. It is considered a  highly secure investment option and it can pay interest monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annually, or at maturity, with the option to automatically reinvest . The main disadvantage, that the invested amount is not easily accessible,  could in fact be considered an advantage as it makes sure the entire amount is saved.

There are two types of term deposits, those which do not allow any withdrawals until maturity, and those that allow some withdrawals during the term. They varying in different interest rates depending on length of the term and the amount deposited. Some term deposits apply penalties for early withdrawals and also lower interest rates if more frequent withdrawals  are chosen.

Australian term deposits currently offer some of the highest interest rates in the world for fixed term deposits. In fact, because of this some offshore investors are borrowing money at extremely low interest rates, paying the appropriate exit taxes and still coming out ahead.

Although term deposits are short to medium term investments, they can play an important part in long term investment strategies by offering highly competitive cash interest rates compared to your every day bank accounts.

With so many products in the market place today, how do you find the right one for you? Talk to us today and let us help you create a long term investment strategy that meets your financial goals.


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