Review 2012: Get Perspective

17th Dec, 2012

Last week I went surfing. (I always wondered how I would wrap that into a professional conversation)


Wake up at 5 AM, drive to beach, find a break, still very groggy and tired. Slide into a wetsuit, feel the wet sand creep between my toes,  sweat trickling between my shoulder blades as the sun heats the neoprene… the first wave crashing over my head, bursting through the other side and beginning the long paddle.


Wide awake.


Turning around and looking behind me to the only things that mattered - the next wave.


The simplicity of the moment gave me the mental space needed to begin processing the year that had been.  I didn't realise how much I needed the space until a had it . I was calm. By and large my surfing was crap; in 3 metres of water, I was grounded and content. 


By the end of the day I was able to start effectively reviewing my year.


So the year in review – consider these tips as you look behind and then plan forward.


1.            Be  nice to yourself, give yourself some space


I simply don't have the time to  go surfing. I worked until midnight on Monday night to generate the time, even if I only ended up missing about three hours work . But my mind cleared and in a few hours it allowed me exactly what I needed to have the perspective of the year.  Back in the office, the phone rang.


2.            We are living through a time of flux


I get a sense that many people feel this year has been “mad”, “ uncontrolled”, “crazy” - busy has become “the new black”.  People feel unsettled, unsure.


Things are constantly changing, but change is the norm.  Things are changing, but not as quickly as you may think.  Simply accept it and begin plotting your course.



2.            The digital revolution is nearly over


I remember getting my first e-mail account in 1994, by 1997 we nearly all had them. By 1998 people were incredibly productive; by the year 2000, expectations of what we could achieve had increased, then came the permanent connectivity and the pressure.


 It's probably taken the best part of 12 years for us to accept what digital “means”. In reality, for the most part, analogue life is over. Analogue business practices and the companies who practice them are largely finished.


What does digital mean for you? How can you make it work for YOU vs your JOB?


3.            The media is more powerful than ever


A real estate agent last week who confirmed my suspicion; whatever Fairfax says about real estate agents has a phenomenal effect on the conduct of people during auctions that week. Similar stories reflect across many industries; never before has (bad) news been reported so quickly.


Once upon a time we heard about trends which had emerged… Now we hear about things that happened 25 min ago on the other side of the world which will have dire consequences.  This affects the way people perceive who you are and what you do . Be aware of its effect on your day-to-day life but whatever happens, have a balanced view. Remember bad news sell’s more advertising space…controversy keeps people hooked and reading and buying…


5.            We actually have it pretty good


Yes you could complain about food prices (but you can buy it), the government (but the Prime Minister is not shagging underage prostitutes), the weather (but it has not killed tens of thousands of people), petrol prices (as we run our second cars…) the list goes on. If you live in Australia you have already won the world lottery.


We have an amazing country.   Yes, business for us has gone well this year; yes in other years I struggled to brings ends together, I know not everyone is as lucky as I am.  I decided long ago to follow the point below and that was the start to enjoying life and getting better at it.


6.            Start with a positive mindset


Put it in perspective, start with a smile. It will cost you nothing. 40 bazilian scientists have said for the past 5000 years that a positive outlook is one of the greatest assets that a person can have.


Make your starting point for your 2013 a review, a positive mindset and you will be well ahead of where you were this time last year.



Article written by Mark Luckey in conjunction with Nathan Griffiths and Samina Yip.

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